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Grid FieldServer Manager

Grid FieldServer Manager

Grid FieldServer Manager takes proactive support of field devices to whole different level. It is KOK电竞安卓版下载’s own Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud-based offering that works with our FieldServer family of IIoT protocol gateways, routers, and explorers.It provides secure remote connectivity with all FieldServer IIoT gateways, giving users to ability to configure, update and support all connected industrial devices and integrate them with their business applications and other cloud-based services. With these capabilities, industrial facilities are able to run smarter, utilizing real-time device data analytics to drive better decision making and transform the way they do business.


Ensure a scalable, stable, and secure connection to your devices in the field with the OpenVPN application With OpenVPN, a FieldServer gateway can enable technicians to remotely connect to their Ethernet devices/PLCs in the field. Technicians can remotely access devices with Windows management/configuration programs to perform diagnostics, download new firmware, and reprogram devices without going on site. OpenVPN also enables connections to webservers located on remote Ethernet devices. OpenVPN establishes an encrypted and authenticated secure tunnel from a technician’s local PC or mobile device to remote devices connected to the FieldServer. The FieldServer acts as a proxy, allowing access to the site devices.
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